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A tree-lined road on James Island in Charleston
A tree-lined road on James Island in Charleston
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Easy Getaway Charleston

The historic Southern city embraces newcomers with Colonial charm and a quirky slice of modern life below the Mason-Dixon line

By Ted Loos

April 5th, 2010

The very best welcome I received in Charleston, South Carolina, came not from a friendly resident – although there are plenty of those around – but from a ceramic plaque hung on the door of a local bed-and-breakfast labeled “Shalom Y’all.”

This salutation, courtesy of the all-kosher Broad Street Guest House (133 Broad St.; 843-577-5965; – probably the city’s only such specialty lodging – summed up a lot of the qualities that I like about Charleston: funny, unexpected, and inviting in equal measure. And it demonstrated that whatever my Yankee preconceptions were about this stately seat of the Deep South, Charleston was ready to topple them.

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