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Taybet Zaman Hotel and Resort


Neighborhood: Near Wadi Musa

City: Petra

Phone: 011-962-3-215-0111


Expert Review

This singular resort may be Jordan's most memorable hotel, what with 105 individually-decorated rooms set in cobbled limestone dwellings that date from the 1920s. Indeed, the setting is quite unusual, given this was once a Bedouin village, and the hotel's atmospheric public spaces include the former town square, souk, and even its hammam. It's certainly the closest you'll get to experiencing the country's indigenous lifestyle: The quarters maintain their traditional architecture - tiny windows, wooden doors, arched ceilings, and stone floors - but tack on modern conveniences like televisions and air-conditioning. There's also a small pool onsite, tucked below the original village walls, from which you might spot local goat herders tending to their flocks in the neighboring hillsides.

Tags: moderate | swimming pool | great value | unusual | jim's pick

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