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Nevis — Known as the “Queen of the Caribbees” for its former sugar-producing legacy, Nevis boasts a tranquil beauty all its own. Part of a two-island federation in the Leeward Islands, Nevis is politically linked to its sister island, St. Kitts. When it comes to personality, however, the islands are vastly different. Travelers who prefer shopping and rollicking nightlife are better suited to St. Kitts, while those craving a more unhurried pace will delight in Nevis, where grand plantation inns, old sugar mills, and secluded beaches provide a rich blend of history and breathtaking scenery. For information on the former, see our St. Kitts Travel Guide.

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For outdoor activities, historic plantation houses, lively beach bars, and liming – laid-back relaxation, Nevis-style.

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