• Cits.net

    10 Inspired Lake Locales - Jiuzhai Valley National Park

    Locally known as Jiuzhaigou, Jiuzhai is best known for its amazing blue and green lakes, incredible waterfalls, and unique wildlife, including the Giant Panda.

  • Una-Aqua.com

    10 Inspired Lake Locales - Plitivice Lakes National Park

    Plitivice Lakes National Park in Croatia is known for it its 16 lakes that are connected by a series of waterfalls and incredible caves.

  • Flor.Forumid.net

    10 Inspired Lake Locales - To Sua Ocean Trench

    Surrounded by lush vegetation, gardens and all-around jungle-like conditions, To Sua, literally translated into big hole, features a near-100 foot drop into crystal clear blue water.

  • GetinTravel.com

    10 Inspired Lake Locales - Mt. Kelimutu National Park

    The three lakes of Mt. Kelimutu constantly change colors. Unlike other color-changing lakes around the world (Japan, Australia), it’s impossible to predict what colors or when the Kelimutu lakes will change.

  • EarthShots.org

    10 Inspired Lake Locales - Cenote Samula

    A geological wonder with naturally formed stalactites and stalagmites, Yucatan cenotes, like Cenote Samula, were sacred places in Mayan culture, and are still considered a treasure today.

  • HumanSphere.info

    10 Inspired Lake Locales - Lake Retba

    During the dry season in Senegal, the salinity content of Lake Retba actually exceeds that of the Dead Sea! The lake serves mainly as a tourist spot, while locals farm salt from the bottom with their bare hands.

  • LoveThesePics.com

    10 Inspired Lake Locales - Thousand Island Lake

    Thousand Island Lake (Quiando Lake in Chinese) is actually a man-made reservoir. Quiando gets its name from the 1,078 islands that exist across the lake.

  • Homestead Resort

    10 Inspired Lake Locales - Homestead Crater Thermal Pool

    This 10,000-year-old, 55-foot-deep geothermal pool in Utah is open to swimmers, snorkelers, and scuba divers. It provides the only hot-water scuba diving in the U.S.

  • RiftValleyLodge.com

    10 Inspired Lake Locales - Lake Natron

    The pink, red, and orange coloring of Lake Natron is caused by cyanobacteria, tiny organisms that grow in the water.

  • AmazingPlacesonEarth.com

    10 Inspired Lake Locales - Crescent Lake

    During the Qing Dynasty, the Crescent Lake desert oasis was named Yueyaquan. Though it may not look like it, the lake is naturally occurring, though its growth and protection has been largely due to the government.

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