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    Forbidden Places

    Shrouded in mystery, pulsing with dangers, forbidden places have always exerted an irresistible pull. Traveling to these locales isn't impossible, but it could get you into trouble.

  • Flickr/d_proffer

    Forbidden Places - Ashgabat, Turkmenistan

    Turkmenistan's first president, Saparmurat Niyazov, plastered his likeness pretty much everywhere he could, including a revolving gilded statue in the capital of Ashgabat.

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    Forbidden Places - Chernobyl, Ukraine

    Chernobyl makes a lasting impression, but visiting the abandoned nearby town of Pripyat, where homes decay in the midst of overgrown weeds, drives the entire experience a little too close to home.

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    Forbidden Places - Damascus, Syria

    Sights abound in Damascus – a veritable living museum – led by the glorious Umayyad Mosque, the focal point of the medieval old city and purported site of the Tomb of St. John the Baptist.

  • Blane Bachelor

    Forbidden Places - Havana, Cuba

    Havana is a sultry array of history, tropical beaches, and a warm culture. La Habana Vieja is a maze of charming plazas, street markets, and museums that will take you straight back to the 1950s.

  • Gleison Miranda/FUNAI/Survival/www.uncontractedtribes.org

    Forbidden Places - Javari Reserve, Brazil

    Satellites indicate that the world's largest concentration of uncontacted tribes reside in Brazil's Javari Reserve, a swath of Amazon jungle half the size of Florida.

  • Flickr/ctsnow

    Forbidden Places - Mogadishu, Somalia

    In crumbling Mogadishu, you'll still find a few landmarks that hearken back to its early origins as a Persian and Arabian trading port. Stunning Indian Ocean beaches front the old city.

  • Flickr/gamillos

    Forbidden Places - Niihau, Hawaii

    Some 200 people, mostly of Hawaiian descent, live on Niihau; Hawaiian is the island's primary language; and there are no roads, electricity, or other modern trappings.

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    Forbidden Places - Pyongyang, North Korea

    Pyongyang, North Korea's capital and largest city, is a willow tree-speckled metropolis comprised of Soviet-style blocks and wide boulevards lined with some key monuments and attractions.

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    Forbidden Places - Tehran, Iran

    The Iranian capital at Tehran is the dynamic, frenetic, rough-around-the-edges heartbeat of the country, all spread out nearly a mile high above sea level on the scenic slopes of the Alborz Mountains.

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    Forbidden Places - Tripoli, Libya

    Of Libya's five UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the seaside Roman ruins of the monumental city of Leptis Magana are within easy day-tripping distance of Tripoli.

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