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    Travel Emergency Tips

    With these tips, we outline travel catastrophe scenarios of all stripes, offering advice on prevention, as well as insight on how to effectively manage such crises should they actually arise.

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    Travel Emergency Tips - An Arrest Abroad

    If you're arrested abroad, contact the local U.S. consulate immediately. Consuls can assist by providing a list of attorneys and ensuring your jail conditions and health are in acceptable condition.

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    Travel Emergency Tips - Bed Bugs

    Take a good look around for bed bugs when you arrive, and not just in the bed linens. Peek under the mattress for signs of bugs, like a cluster of dark spots. Pay careful attention to dark crevices.

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    Travel Emergency Tips - Death of a Family Member

    If a family member dies days suddenly, most airlines will waive the change fee and offer a nonrefundable voucher for future travel upon presentation of a death certificate and other documents.

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    Travel Emergency Tips - Medical Emergencies

    Be sure to purchase travel insurance that includes coverage for medical expenses and medical evacuation – which can easily cost $10,000-plus without insurance.

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    Travel Emergency Tips - Natural Disasters

    If you’re caught in a natural disaster, use common sense. If most residents are driving north to escape an approaching hurricane, do the same as soon as possible; there's little benefit to waiting.

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    Travel Emergency Tips - Passport is Lost/Stolen/Expired

    Report a lost or stolen passport immediately by contacting the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate. If you have a copy of your passport, it will really expedite the process of getting a new one.

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    Travel Emergency Tips - Pirates

    Be extra wary of pirates while sailing through the Indian Ocean, the Malacca Straits, South China Sea, the Red Sea, and some South American rivers and coasts, such as in Venezuela.

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    Travel Emergency Tips - Political Unrest

    Even if the U.S. sends evacuation flights to areas of political unrest, as it did to Egypt, citizens are ultimately responsible for repaying the cost.

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    Travel Emergency Tips - Transit Strikes

    Paris transit strikes often only reduce service on the Métro and RER, rather than cutting it altogether – but note that trains are likely to be extra crowded, especially at peak times.

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    Travel Emergency Tips - Theft

    Use common sense when in crowded spots and subway cars. Hold your purse tight to your side; keep your hand on your wallet in your pocket; and store any essentials on your person, not in a backpack.

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