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    Weirdest Sights in America

    We've dug up 10 weird U.S. sights that run the gamut from natural abnormalities (albino squirrels, displaced deserts) to the just out-and-out odd (gravity vortexes, mystery lights).

  • Flickr/westerntragedy

    Weirdest Sights in America - Albino Squirrels

    Red eyes and snow-white fur make albino squirrels look like something out of a sci-fi movie, but in Olney, Illinois, the rodents might as well be royalty.

  • Flickr/ya3hs3

    Weirdest Sights in America - Carhenge

    Carhenge – an automobile-themed take on England’s mysterious Stonehenge – stacks 38 gray spray-painted cars up in a life-size replica of the ancient structure.

  • Flickr/Clearly Ambiguous

    Weirdest Sights in America - Corn Palace

    Each summer local artists fill the Corn Palace's exterior with themed murals made from 13 shades of maize and other native grains. The decorators spend more than three months constructing the panels.

  • Flickr/mr smee44

    Weirdest Sights in America - Desert of Maine

    The intriguing 300-acre Desert of Maine has all the trappings of the Sahara: vast expanses of soft sand, disagreeable soil, and even higher temperatures than those found in the rest of the state.

  • Flickr/John Kroll

    Weirdest Sights in America - House on the Rock

    The trippy House on the Rock's three sections burst with trinkets, souvenirs, and memorabilia. In one wing, the world's largest carousel, with not one seat a horse, spins nonstop during tours.

  • Flickr/iirraa

    Weirdest Sights in America - Lucy the Elephant

    New Jersey's 90-ton, 65-foot-tall Lucy the Elephant is essentially a 129-year-old publicity stunt. Today, visitors can climb up Lucy's gams for a tour and a one-of-a-kind ocean view.

  • Flickr/Robert Thomson

    Weirdest Sights in America - Marfa Lights

    Explanations for the Marfa Lights range from the mundane (mirages, car taillights) to the otherworldly (alien spacecrafts, displaced souls), but the fun is certainly in the mystery.

  • Flickr/djwudi

    Weirdest Sights in America - Oregon Vortex

    The Oregon Vortex is a funhouse of physics-defying experiments: water bottles appear to roll uphill, visitors seem to shrink or grow with every step, and everything hangs at a perplexing angle.

  • South Dakota Tourism

    Weirdest Sights in America - Petrified Wood Park

    The Petrified Wood Park features 100 towering cones of the ancient wood (each embedded with dinosaur-era fossils) and occupies an entire city block in downtown Lemmon, SD.

  • Flickr/Mykl-Roven

    Weirdest Sights in America - Darwin Twine Ball

    Perhaps the most classic of all weird roadside sights is the world's largest ball of twine, built by one person, in Darwin, Minnesota. It measures 40 feet around and weighs 17,400 pounds.

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