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Top 10 Cities with Free Attractions

There's no need to shell out on sightseeing in these big cities. We've got the tricks to get you out and about on a dime (or less)

By Suzanne Steinert

July 12th, 2011

No matter the amount of careful budgeting, trips nowadays, at home or abroad, tend to cost more than you planned – a catch-22 that’s especially true in big cities, which can sneakily suck bank accounts dry. But guess what? Many of the world’s most popular – and expensive – cities offer a wealth of things to see and do, entirely for free. From New York’s Central Park to Hong Kong’s Symphony of Lights to D.C.'s Smithsonian and National Zoo, we’ve combed the globe for the top 10 cities with free attractions. Our homework has paid off – not only did we round up the go-to hubs with the biggest roster of freebies, we uncovered secrets on gaining backdoor access to some of the world's top sites.

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