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San Francisco's Good Hotel is just one of the sleek city hotels centered on savings
San Francisco's Good Hotel is just one of the sleek city hotels centered on savings
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Top 10 City Hotels from Under $100

These city hotels offer great location, plenty of character, and even a few luxe extras – all at surprisingly affordable rates!

By ShermansTravel Editorial Staff

November 17th, 2009

When ShermansTravel editors deployed our bargain-hunting antennae to find the best city hotels at recession-busting prices in popular locales across the U.S., we tuned in to some refreshing results: not only can you bed down for under $100 a night, but you can do so in style. Ranging from eclectic boutiques to charming B&Bs to chic budget chains, our picks for affordable city hotels left the non-descript franchise digs on the cutting room floor (ahem, no Super 8s gracing this list). Granted, what $100 buys you varies from city to city, but even in pricey places like New York City, reasonable rates abound at hotels that are heavy in personality and light on pretentiousness. What’s more, many of these city hotels pride themselves on not nickel-and-diming you after check-in, throwing in plenty of extras, like breakfast, WiFi, parking, and more. For good measure, we’ve also included an under-$200-night great-value pick, where you (and not your bank account) can take a load off . . . in just a bit more luxury.

Editors' Note: While rates for all of our hotel picks stay under $100/night or $200/night for the majority of the year, they may bump above those benchmarks during high seasons.

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