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Top 10 Ecotourism Destinations

The Amazon

Often described as the “Lungs of our Planet” – it produces 20 percent of the Earth’s oxygen – the remarkable Amazon rain forest surrounds the world’s largest river system and supports thousands of plant, bird, mammal, and aquatic species in the 1.2 billion acres it occupies. While this ecotourism spot stretches across several South American countries, the Amazon's densest section (60 percent) is found in Brazil, where eco-lovers can explore a  mosaic of ecosystems: You can literally walk among the treetops in Bahia’s Atlantic forest, along a 66-foot-high suspension bridge surrounded by scores of wildlife, sights, and sounds; it’s the ultimate canopy tour for those who want to really understand how the rainforest works. Down below, you can rent a canoe and paddle down the river, past local ribereños (shore dwellers); fish for piranha (which is apparently quite tasty); or venture on a bird-watching excursion. Come nightfall, the forest speaks for itself, emitting a symphony of sounds beneath a starlit sky – one of nature’s finest spectacles.

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