Beverly Hills Inn
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Beverly Hills Inn, Atlanta

Respecting your elders takes on new meaning at Atlanta's Beverly Hills Inn, an 83-year-old Buckhead property now supposedly haunted by the souls of three old ladies. The 18-room neo-classical inn became a bed and breakfast in 1982, but its first stint was as an apartment building for widowed women in 1929. It is the alleged apparitions of those former residents that both the Atlanta Ghost Hunter and Haunt Analyst Georgia Ghost Hunters have caught on tape. Although the images from both investigations are specious (white, cloud-like fog; shadowy, imperceptible blotches; and floating orbs that look like dust particles make up most of the photographic evidence), the audio evokes chills. The Haunt Analyst investigation in 2007 recorded hoarse voices whispering phrases both ominous (“Get out!”) and encouraging (“Make it happy”). Book a room on the haunted hotel's third floor, where Haunt Analyst and Atlanta Ghost Hunter collected most of their proof, for a similarly creepy experience, but be prepared. Like many old biddies, these ghouls are kind but spirited: The elderly souls have apparently tucked in respectful guests before bed, but visitors who bad-mouth the dead have seen drinking glasses suddenly smash to pieces. Rooms from $119/night;

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                                                                             — Molly Fergus



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