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Top 10 Haunted Hotels

Gettysburg Hotel, Pennsylvania

Steps from the Wills House, where President Abraham Lincoln edited his legendary Gettysburg address, and a quarter mile from the infamous battlefield, sits the Civil War-era Gettysburg Hotel. Established in 1797, the historic building lays claim to at least one eternal occupant named Rachel, a civil war nurse who lived at the hotel during the bloody battle. Guests have reported seeing her ghostly figure roaming the halls and in several of the hotel’s 119 rooms. Hotel employees swear that they’ve seen carts move and trays float, and that Rachel can even be spotted rushing up and down the street outside. She prefers to be in the hotel, though, where her hundreds of reported visits have resulted in clothes mysteriously gone missing and drawers left open (some think she is rummaging for medical supplies). Staff often talks of sudden drafts and drops in temperature which both indicate a passing spirit. Along with Rachel, there have been reports of another female ghost at the haunted hotel. This lady wears fancy period garb and is seen dancing in the hotel’s ballroom. Rates average around $129 for weeknight stays, and $196 for weekend nights;


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                                                                             — Jennifer Mills



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