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Myrtles Plantation, Louisiana

Among the swampy lowlands and bayous of Louisiana’s West Feliciana Parish, set beneath tall, arching oak trees, rests Myrtles Plantation – allegedly the most haunted hotel in America, so say the owners. Guests who wish to experience southern hospitality, antebellum décor, and, potentially, a spine-chilling spook-fest should visit the 11-room St. Francisville plantation (about 30 minutes north of Baton Rouge). The house was built in 1796 supposedly on Tunica Indian burial grounds and the ghost of a naked Indian girl is an apparition seen by guests today. The most famous haunting, although, resulted from a multi-murder tragedy in 1817. The legend goes something like this: Then owner Judge Clark Woodruff had an affair with his house slave (named Cleo or Chloe), found her snooping on his private conversations and cut off her ear (she forever after wore a green turban to hide her scar). Cleo, enraged, poisoned the eldest daughter’s birthday cake killing the judge’s wife and two children. Soon after Cleo herself was murdered and tossed into the Mississippi (by whom is uncertain). Today, guests claim to see her wandering the plantation in her green turban and have awoken to see her face staring at them from beside the bed. Also look out for haunted objects, including a piano that mysteriously plays a single chord and a mirror that appears clean but in photos often reveals handprints, smudges, and faces.  If you’re hoping to meet one of the eternally lost souls at the plantation, be sure to book a room in the original main house (garden units weren’t added until the 80s when the house became an inn, though some say those rooms are just as haunted). Rates start from $115/night;


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