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Queen Mary, California

Ever been on a vacation that you wished just wouldn’t end? Then you might just sympathize with the spooky stowaways who opted to stay aboard Cunard’s legendary RMS Queen Mary long after their cruise was over. The retired luxury ocean liner served as pleasure cruiser for society’s elite from the 1930s to ’60s – and did a brief stint as a World War II transport ship (when she was perhaps aptly dubbed the Grey Ghost) – before permanently docking in California’s Long Beach port and converting to a floating hotel in 1972. Some of the purported guest ghouls stem from among the 55 onboard deaths that were reported during the ship’s history, including those of Jackie, a young girl who may have drowned in the swimming pool, and John Pedder, a teenage crewman who was crushed alive by a watertight door in the engine room (both ghosts appear in the areas where they were killed). The haunted hotel does not shy away from its paranormal connection: In fact, after a slew of psychics deemed it one of America’s most haunted locations (some have pinned as many as 200 apparitions to the ship’s manifest), they’ve embraced it, offering numerous ghost-related gatherings every year: 15 nights in October are dedicated the Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor event, which features six mazes and general Halloween-inspired fun. Year-round, visitors can sign up for regularly scheduled paranormal-themed tours; some employ special effects and even ghost-hunting apparatuses for amplified thrills and chills. Or, bunk down if you dare in one of the 314 staterooms. Rates start at $139/night; www.queenmary.com

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                                                                             — Elissa Richard



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