The Driskill
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The Driskill, Austin

Cattle Baron Colonel Jesse Driskill opened his luxe namesake hotel in downtown Austin in 1886, and by 1887 its first resident ghost had moved in. As the story goes, a visiting senator’s daughter chased a ball down the hotel’s grand staircase and tragically tumbled to her death. All signs indicate that the daughter hasn’t left: Eerie peals of laughter and the gentle rhythm of a bouncing ball can be heard in the lobby, the ladies restroom, and on the stairs that lead to the mezzanine. Today, she has plenty of partners for playing catch, as a gaggle of ghosts occupy the building, among them a Houston woman who fled to the Driskill after her fiancé cancelled their wedding in the 1990s. Armed with her ex’s credit card, the rejected bride consoled herself with retail therapy before committing suicide two days later in room 29, where a female figure toting shopping bags is sometimes seen. Guests needn’t even stay in one of the haunted hotel's 189 rooms for a thrill as some say big band music sometimes mysteriously bellows from the lobby, where rowdy ghouls dressed in tuxes and gowns are thought to throw an eternal party. Rates from $229/night;

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                                                                             — Molly Fergus


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