Three Chimneys Inn

Top 10 Haunted Hotels

Three Chimneys Inn, New Hampshire

The oldest hotel on our list (and one of the oldest buildings in New Hampshire), with the original structure dating back to 1649, is the Three Chimneys Inn, tucked away in oft snow-cloaked Durham, just a 10-minute drive from the University of New Hampshire. They say the haunting of the Three Chimneys Inn is another tale of a young life taken too soon. The house was built by Valentine Hill, a local entrepreneur and mill owner. His granddaughter, Hannah, is said to have drowned in the nearby Oyster River. Not long after her tragic death did local townspeople start reporting ghostly sightings of a young girl bearing an eerie resemblance to Hannah by the river and the house. The home’s current incarnation is that of a bustling, quaint inn (it was transformed only recently in 1998). Employees at the inn have also experienced their fair share of inexplicable sounds and sightings. One night, innkeeper Karen Meyer and a waiter at the inn’s ffrost Sawyer Tavern saw an empty glass on an empty table float six inches into the air before crashing down onto the ground. Legends aside, the now cheery inn comes with 23 rooms in the main house and adjoining carriage house, all of which are furnished with old-style mahogany furniture and antique artwork (as well as modern touches like free Wi-Fi). Open year-round; prices start at $149/night in fall;

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                                                                          — Liz Webber


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