Top 10 Lake Vacations

Thousand Islands, U.S. & Canada

Straddling the U.S. and Canadian borders between New York and Ontario, lakeside vacation lovers and salad-dressing aficionados alike have made the Thousand Islands a summertime mecca for over a century. While its namesake lettuce topper may have brought the region celebrity, the area more rightfully deserves recognition as a place to kick back, relax, and enjoy Mother Nature in a wonderland setting of hundreds upon hundreds of tiny islands (more than 1,800 in all have been counted!). Speckling the eastern fringes of Lake Ontario where it meets the St. Lawrence Seaway, the Thousand Islands boast varying geological features – from granite cliffs to tall pines to sandy shores – many are privately owned by ardent cottagers who revel in the boating, fishing, and swimming activities that fill the long summer days. That said, with more than 30 state parks, loads of campsites, boat tours, and charming villages in the vicinity, anyone can take lake vacations here, for any length of time.


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