Faro Punta Delgada
Argentina's Faro Punta Delgada operates as an historic lighthouse hotel
Argentina's Faro Punta Delgada operates as an historic lighthouse hotel
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Harlingen Lighthouse Hotel, Netherlands

Panoramic views of Harlingen, located about 70 miles northeast of Amsterdam, await guests who brave the spiral stair up the Harlingen Lighthouse Hotel, an art deco tower built above the city’s ports in 1920. The beacon guided ships for some 75 years until it was transformed into a guesthouse in 1999. Only two people can fit in the narrow, 3-floor suite, but what the lighthouse lacks in space it makes up for in novelty, funky décor, and modern amenities. The first and second levels house the bathroom, which includes an inventive circular shower and the bedroom, called the Tower Room, outfitted with a custom-made bed, flat-panel television, minibar, and videophone. The highlight of the stay, though, is easily the third-floor Lantern Room, which has a dining area for two set beneath the lighthouse’s original copper dome and a fenced-in platform for taking in the salty air and sweeping harbor views. Open daily, year-round except for Christmas Eve and New Year's Day; rates average around $396/night; www.vuurtoren-harlingen.nl

Molly Fergus

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