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Top 10 Places to Celebrate July 4th


Where better to celebrate America’s independence than in the city of our nation’s birth – Philadelphia? The old stomping grounds of the Founding Fathers, this history-rich city lays claim to being the place where the Declaration of Independence and Constitution were both drafted. More than 200 years later Philadelphians are still ready to get all riled up in the name of independence making it a great location for the national holiday. With a superb weeklong celebration, start off your visit to the city of Brotherly Love by visiting its most iconic symbol of freedom, the Liberty Bell, as well as the historic sites in Independence Hall. Once you’re done with the history, it’s all about music and fun: Expect free concerts, a July 4th parade, and fireworks you can watch above the Philadelphia Museum of Art  while listening to John Mayer and The Roots rock out.


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