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Top 10 Quick Fall Getaways


While the risk of hurricanes keeps would-be beach bums away from much of the Caribbean come autumn, savvy travelers know that Aruba, with its southerly location that falls well below the most heavy-hit sections of the tropical storm belt, offers the best bet for year-long sunning on its white-sand beaches. Off the sand, visitors to this 20-mile-long island can expect iridescent waters full of sunken wrecks and an unspoiled desert-like coast (that's a great playground for Jeep tours and ATVs). Come nightfall, renowned casinos, bars, and clubs spring to life, and can keep you out till dawn. Add on the frequent nonstop flights from the United States, and it's little wonder why Aruba reigns among the Caribbean’s most popular fall getaways.

How to Get There: Nonstop flights to Aruba’s Queen Beatrix International Airport (AUA) depart from Charlotte (US Airways; 4 hours), New York (United, Delta, JetBlue; 4.5 hours), Philadelphia (US Airways; 4.5 hours), Miami (American; 3 hours) and more.


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