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Top 10 Quick Spring Getaways

Austin, Texas

Music lovers would be remiss to overlook a visit to Austin, the "Live Music Capital of the World." With nearly 200 venues where you can tap your toes, Texas's capital is also the state's most culturally rich city, with museums and art galleries galore. Austin's laid-back vibe means it's a haven for musicians, artists, and performers who live and thrive there; for visitors interested in the arts, the possibilities for enrichment are endless. Trips in the spring are ideal, with temperatures averaging in the low 80s. It's also when bat-viewing is at its best – yes, you can watch up to 1.5 million bats (considered the largest urban bat colony in North America) take off every night from Austin's Congress Avenue Bridge in search of food. 

How to Get There: Take a nonstop flight to Austin (AUS) from Atlanta (Delta; 2.5 hours), New York (American, JetBlue, United; 4 hours), Chicago (American, Southwest, United; 2.5 hours), Los Angeles (American, Southwest, United; 3 hours), Detroit (Delta; 3.5 hours), San Francisco (JetBlue, United; 3.5 hours), or Boston (JetBlue; 4.5 hours). Book flights, hotels, and more on our Travel Search


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