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Top 10 Romantic Getaways

Santorini, Greece

Some may think island romance is overrated, but then they’ve probably never been to Santorini. The most visually stunning of all the Greek Cyclades, this beguiling spot has all the trappings of a dream vacation: Postcard-perfect cliffside villages with picturesque white-washed and royal blue-roofed buildings, exotic black-sand volcanic beaches, transcendent sunsets, luxurious cave-rock hotels, dramatic striated red-and-gray cliffs stretching to the sky, and the Aegean’s finest wineries. Built atop volcanic ashes – on the ruins of what some theorize to be the lost city of Atlantis – the island’s impressive physical characteristics like the jagged cliffs, dark volcanic rock, and crescent shape carved out by the sea, are manifestations of its eruptive history. Roam the hilly streets in Oia, window shop at one of the many local artisan shops, and be sure you don’t miss the world-famous sunset.

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