Bergen Railway/Rolf Sorensen
Norway's Bergen Line easily makes the list of the top train trips in Europe
Norway's Bergen Line easily makes the list of the top train trips in Europe
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Top 10 Train Trips in Europe

Combine the mystique of a bygone era with modern-day adventure, thanks to these 10 train trips in Europe

By Molly Fergus

October 5th, 2010

Train travel in the Old World maintains a certain mystique for many travelers – and it’s little wonder: With scads of culture, 47 countries packed into a region slightly larger than the U.S., and exhaustive tracks that go everywhere from the plains of Spain to the eastern fringes of Russia, Europe is tailor-made for riding the rails. Few vacations inspire as much romance and possibility as chugging across the continent, collecting new passport stamps, and taking in a diversity of landscapes – from snow-capped Alps to rich vineyards to turquoise coastline – all from the comforts of Europe’s storied locomotives.

Our favorite train trips in Europe encompass quintessential experiences, like snaking southeast on an iconic Orient-Express route, or tucking into multicourse dinners aboard an intimate dining car in Scotland. But we’ve also folded in modern options, like zipping under the English Channel, or bedding down in one of the tricked-out private carriages of the Trans-Siberian Express. Plus, check out our Train Trips in Europe Slideshow to help get you on the fast track to your dream European rail vacation.

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