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Breathtaking views abound on these 10 unforgettable train trips
Breathtaking views abound on these 10 unforgettable train trips
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Top 10 Train Trips

TER Méditerranée, France

Although the French are known for their high-speed, high-tech TGV train trips, you’ll find some of their most notable routes (and the most authentic French experiences) along their slower, regional tracks. A well-kept secret is their Mediterranean line, TER Méditerranée (, which, while not particularly stunning onboard, more than makes up for it with its spectacular location, which straddles the French Riviera coastline as it rolls from the port city of Marseille (accessible from Paris in just 3 hours by TGV train) to Ventimiglia, Italy, stopping at the Riviera capital of Nice, the resort towns of Antibes and St. Raphael, film-famous Cannes, and high-rolling Monte Carlo along the way. Direct, the whole trip takes 3 hours and 40 minutes, but the allure of this route is making leisurely stops along the way, disembarking at quaint villages and stunning beaches at whim.

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