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Top 10 Weirdest Sights in America


Alliance, Nebraska's modern, automobile-themed take on England’s mysterious Stonehenge stacks 38 gray spray-painted cars up in a life-size replica of the ancient structure. Archeologists still don’t know why Druids built the original, but the origin of the American counterpart is straightforward. Fascinated by Stonehenge, artist Jim Reinders created the Midwestern version in 1987 as a memorial to his father, who lived on a farm where Carhenge now stands. The effort was no small feat: 35 of Reinders’ family members and friends rescued cars from nearby dumps and teamed up to build the structure, which meant burying some cars, trunk down, 5-feet deep in the soil. Today, the memorial is a weird, all-American road trip destination with more than 80,000 tourists pulling off of Country Rd. 59 to snap photos. Next door, a visitor center and car art park showcase various statues, including the “Spawning Salmon,” a giant metal fish leaping out from the ground. Carhenge is free to visit 24-7; the visitor center is open from 10am to 5pm, Monday–Friday.



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