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Top 10 Weirdest Sights in America

Oregon Vortex

A weird sight since the 1930s, the Oregon Vortex and its so-called “House of Mystery” in Gold Hill, Oregon, earned its first slice of paranormal fame when it debuted on a 1999 episode of The X Files. What causes the disarming slant in the house? Why do brooms stand up on their own here? Despite Agent Mulder’s suggestion that something supernatural was brewing, skeptics swear the vortex is some kind of optical illusion or a glitch in magnetic fields. The attraction centers around one severely tilted mining shack that slid from its foundation just a few years after it was built in 1904. Paranormal or not, the vortex is a funhouse of physics-defying experiments: water bottles appear to roll uphill, visitors seem to shrink or grow with every step, and everything hangs at a perplexing angle. Admission $9.75, children 6–11 $7; open daily March, April, May, September, October, 9am–4pm; June–August, 9am–5pm.

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