Aurora Village/Seiji Iwaihara
Aurora Village/Seiji Iwaihara
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Top 10 Winter Destinations for Non-Skiers

Yellowknife, Canada

Watch the spectacular lights of the Aurora Borealis from your own reclining, heated viewing seat that rotates 360 degrees. In Aurora Village, just outside the town of Yellowknife, a campground of glowing teepees sits under the vibrantly colored sky – the perfect backdrop for your Northern Lights vacation photos. Yellowknife is one of the best cities in the Northern Hemisphere to view the aurora, as it’s situated directly beneath the aurora oval – a halo-like ring located around the magnetic pole. Late-night snacks, hot beverages, and transportation to your hotel are included in the aurora-viewing price. Come earlier in the afternoon to add a winter excursion of dog sledding, snowshoeing, or snowmobiling before you settle in under the stars for Mother Nature’s evening show.


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