MSC Seaside

MSC Seaside

7 Ways MSC Seaside Is a Game-Changer for Cruising By ShermansTravel Staff

Cruise ships in the Caribbean are a dime a dozen, and the experience they provide can feel same-y. But on December 21, the eagerly awaited MSC Seaside is ushering in a new generation of vessels, the largest ever constructed by its shipyard. The 5,179-passenger megaship will have plenty of onboard activities to keep you busy — from bowling to Broadway-style shows — plus a record number of innovations, making it the most mind-blowingly unique ship at sea. Here are seven impressive ways that MSC Seaside is changing the game.

1. The Spa is the Biggest at Sea

When it comes to Balinese-style pampering, bigger is better. MSC Seaside’s spa covers a whopping 26,000 square feet, including al fresco cabanas on the promenade deck, designed to incorporate sea breezes and the sound of waves into your spa treatments. Another new addition: a snow room, a cold-temperature sauna with cascading powdery flakes, which invigorates circulation when switching between hot and cold chambers.

2. The Water Slides are High-Tech

The impressive new water park offers a record number of fun-inducing slides, including one of the most interactive at sea called Slideboarding. Part amusement ride, part video game, it has passengers compete against each other by pressing buttons corresponding to flashing lights (the more accurate you are, the more points you score). It’s addictive as it is enjoyable. Another run, anyone?

3. Outdoor Space Galore

In sunshine-prone destinations such as the Caribbean, it’s natural that passengers would want to spend more time outdoors than under cover. MSC Seaside’s bold design was created for that very purpose. There are more al fresco areas here than any other ship at sea, ranging from open-air spa cabanas to the boardwalk buffets and restaurants, to a dedicated outdoor area at the state-of-the-art fitness center, where you can stretch or practice your Sun Salutations while inhaling the fresh, salty air. Even when you’re inside, you’ll feel as if you’re out under the sun, thanks to copious uses of glass, from the lobby’s double-height atrium to panoramic elevators and the floor-to-ceiling windows that seem to be everywhere. 

At the helm of MSC Seaside is Captain Pier Paolo Scala, who said the ship's design is its shining feature. "The Seaside has a big ratio of open decks vs number of guests which makes the ship unique in its kind," said Scala. "I also like very much the aft pool on deck 7 close to where most of the entertainment areas are located."

4. The Zip Lines Go to New Lengths

Forget rainforest canopies. Zip lining at sea creates a bigger adrenaline rush. MSC Seaside’s set of runs zoom high over the pool deck from the funnel over a length of a thrilling 394 feet. Hands down, they’re the longest zip lines at sea.

5. A High-Design Waterfront Boardwalk

While there are many places to soak up some rays, MSC Seaside’s boardwalk promenade is the place to be. This part of the ship has the vibe of a beach town abuzz with bars and restaurants. There’s plenty of outdoor seating to go around for good nibbles and sips. Grab a cocktail and passenger-watch. It’s the place to see and be seen.

6. You Can Walk the Catwalk

You’ll find sea views at every turn on MSC Seaside, but the most impressive vantage points are from two glass walkways that dramatically curve over the side of the ship. Glass railings and floors are designed to make you feel as if you’re suspended over the sea while the waves crest just beneath your feet.

7. The Cuisine is Top-Notch

Eating at MSC Seaside’s 9 restaurants feels like a tour around the world. Besides mouthwatering Mediterranean eats (pizza and pasta, anyone?), a Venchi gelato bar, and a French bistro, it's adding yet another celebrity chef to its culinary line-up: Hawaii-based Japanese-American chef Roy Yamaguchi will debut his Hawaiian fusion restaurant, which will serve a tantalizing array of teppanyaki, sushi, and sashimi that’s sure to be as popular at sea as it is on land.

Countdown to the Revolutionary MSC Seaside from MSC CRUISES on Vimeo.

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