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Looking for some good ice breakers while you're traveling? What better way to get some laughs and make new friends than by telling jokes? These travel-themed jokes are all in good fun, and admittedly, might need to be explained to get a laugh. In other words, we fully acknowledge that these jokes are corny, groan-inducing puns, but we're just looking to make your Monday a little bit brighter. Enjoy!

What country do bears live? Denmark

What country is starving? Hungary

Where is Thanksgiving from? Turkey

What country specializes in ropes and knots? Thailand

Where do you go when you're in a hurry? Russia

What country builds a lot of skyscrapers? Ukraine

What country specializes in aluminum and tin? Canada

Where do you go to eat spicy dishes? Chile

Where did you get exercise? Iran

Where did Dorothy go to find the wizard? Australia

Where do big mammals live? Wales

Where do you go when you need more? Samoa

What country makes six-sided boxes? Cuba

What country makes photodevices? Cameroon

Where do you go when you have to move? Pakistan

Where can you get a delicious sandwich on the run? Togo

Where do you go when you're feeling spiteful? Haiti

What country is explosive? Grenada

Where do you get ripped off online? Egypt

What country likes really nice things? Luxembourg

Where can you choose an Italian guy or water? Nicaragua

Where do you get pond scum? Algeria

What's the best country joke you've ever heard? Share it with us in the comments!

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