$39-44+: Last Day for Two Airfare Sales
by Valaer Murray | July 29, 2010
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$39-44+: Last Day for Two Airfare Sales
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Hop to it -- these sales end tonight at midnight! Not to be outdone, American Airlines and Delta launched similar sales to the JetBlue one, offering flights as low as $39 one-way. For American, Dallas/Ft. Worth seems to be the lowest-priced destination, so if you've got friends or family there, now is the time to see them. According to our Dallas Travel Guide, it has the largest arts district in the nation. Other steals are Pittsburgh to NYC (JFK) for $44 and L.A. to Vegas for $49.  Delta's lowest fares start at $44 one way, and some notable deals are Phoenix to NYC (JFK) for $154; NYC to Tampa for $94; and L.A. to Sydney, Australia for $429.

THE VALUE: Some more sample fares from American...

  • San Francisco to L.A.: $49
  • Chicago to Atlanta: $69
  • N.Y. (JFK) to Miami: $94
  • Atlanta to Chicago: $69

More sample fares from Delta...

  • L.A. to Ft. Lauderdale: $109
  • Minneapolis to N.Y. (LGA): $119
  • N.Y. (LGA) to Dublin, Ireland: $229
  • Detroit to Denver: $114

THE CATCH: Catch 'em now while you can. All sales are for fall travel; check out the blackout dates per destination.

THE DETAILS: For Delta, travel is valid in most cases from Aug. 17-Nov. 17. For American, travel now through Nov. 17.

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