8 More Attractive Alternatives to the Fanny Pack

by Christine Dayao | November 14, 2014
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8 More Attractive Alternatives to the Fanny Pack
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Oh, money belts. They're tops in functionality but utterly lacking in both the fashion and comfort departments. Here, we present fanny pack alternatives that are much more attractive -- but still do a great job in keeping your possessions safe on the road.

1. Undergarments with hidden pockets
Pickpockets will be hard-pressed to access the pockets that
 incorporates into men's and women's underwear. Of course, those are more difficult for the wearer to access, too -- but the company also offers tees, tank tops, and thermals that hold your valuables. Even better? Since these are everyday garments, you won't have to add additional items to the packing list. From $21.90.

2. Flip flops with secret compartment
For many, flip flops are a vacation staple and these ones from SlotFlop serve the additional purpose of storing your important items. Each of the flip flops has a secret Velcro-sealed compartment in the sole that’s big enough to hold at least one card, a flat key, and cash. These little babies go for around $25.

3. Bra stash
For the ladies, another alternative to a money belt is a bra stash -- a small pouch that snaps onto your bra or bra straps and sits right between your bosom. Travel Essentials sells three kinds for carrying cash and credit cards for around $9-$14.

4. Neck pouch
For both men and women, neck pouches are also worn under the shirt. This one from Walmart only sets you back by $6.50 and has several pockets in varying sizes for passports, cash, and cards.

5. Hat with secret compartment
We told you about a storage solution under your feet -- now here’s one for over your head. Bass Pro Shops sells a hat with an interior pocket inside the crown, sized just right for a wallet, ID, or cellphone ($30).

6. Jacket with 10-35 pockets
It seems like SCOTTeVEST jackets can carry almost anything. They boast anywhere from 10 to 35 pockets, depending on the style, meaning there's space for virtually every single one of your everyday essentials. Besides basics like money, travel documents, and keys and phones, some outerwear can even hold a tablet and water bottle. The impressive part? The jackets are designed to create a streamlined look, so there’s no awkward bulge. From $75 for a 13-pocketer.

7. Pocketed socks
Don't jumble your belongings with sweaty feet. Zip It Gear’s crew socks come with external pockets big enough to each hold a key, credit cards, and cash. You’ll find an assortment of colors and styles for men and women, priced around $13 and upwards.

8. Leg wallet
This product from Eagle Creek straps around your lower leg to discretely store smaller personal effects under your pants ($20). A few zippered pockets are held in place by two elastic bands.

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