JetBlue Becomes the Only U.S. Airline With Free WiFi

by  Anne Roderique-Jones | Jan 12, 2017

This just in. JetBlue is now the first -- and only -- airline to offer free, high-speed WiFi from the moment you board to the time you touch down.

Dubbed at "Fly-Fi" the airline will provide service from the departure gate to the arrival gate, so that customers can stay connected without having to wait for the aircraft to ascend beyond the typical 10,000 feet. This service will also deliver Amazon Video streaming on personal devices, web browsing, and messaging apps. We love this additional perk -- most airlines don't allow video streaming on their paid wifi services.

The company states "JetBlue’s Fly-Fi, which clocks in at broadband speeds beating sluggish and pricey Wi-Fi offerings onboard other carriers, keeps customers connected with an Internet experience similar to what they have at home, including the ability to stream video and use multiple devices at once."

The idea was initially introduced on a single aircraft in 2013 and has now expanded the service to its entire U.S. continental fleet.

With personal TVs in every seat, complimentary (unlimited) snacks, and the addition of WiFi, this airline appears to be adding perks, making the in-flight experience more enjoyable. 

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