Lose Your Kid Responsibly

by  Paul Eisenberg | Jan 15, 2010
Family on a cruise ship
Family on a cruise ship / MaraDueerkop/iStock

You see this dad on every trip. Wherever you are — the hotel gift shop, the zoo, India — there he is, feverishly lurching around and calling out his child’s name. “Felix? Felix?!? Where are you?” That was me.
Ten years ago I didn’t have this problem. But present day, three kids and a lot of family vacations later, it’s one of those things that just happens. And I’m sorry, but like head lice, it can happen to anyone. Even you. Though like lice, it probably shouldn’t happen every time you travel. But for those times you and your child do get separated on the road, the folks over at Spot Me ID produce ID bracelets and lanyards your kids might actually enjoy wearing.

Perhaps most brilliantly, they also make temporary tattoos that let you scribble in critical information like your cell-phone number and emergency care instructions. It’ll likely be the only time you’re thrilled that your child is coming home with a tattoo.

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