Q&A with Ciara: How to Travel Like a Pop Star

by  Hilary Sheinbaum | Aug 25, 2014
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Since breaking onto the scene in 2004 with her album Goodies, recording artist Ciara has traveled the globe -- while on tour and during time off. This new mom has teamed up with Degree's DO:MORE campaign to take her performances to the next level and challenge people everywhere to accomplish their goals.

In an exclusive interview, Ciara shares where she wants to travel next, what's in her carry-on, and the scoop on a sweet treat she picked up in Asia.

Q: What is your favorite city to visit outside of Atlanta, where you grew up?
A: My favorite city to visit outside of Atlanta is Smyrna [also in Georgia]. It’s just a really beautiful town. They’ve refurbished that area and it’s really nice -- nice homes, really good food places.

Q: Is there one that you frequent while visiting?
A: I like this place called Little Azio. It’s a place where you can get spaghetti and pizza. It’s so good.

Q: What are your carry-on essentials for flying?
A: When I travel on the plane, I have to have my computer and iPad and I always bring my own blanket. I never travel on a plane without a blanket. That’s probably the most consistent thing I always have! You’ve got to have your toothbrush and your toothpaste. You have to have either some good airplane socks or flip-flops so you can be comfortable and take your shoes off, and relax! Those are a few things I like to have.

Q: Is there anywhere you really want to go to that you haven’t been yet?
A: I haven’t been to Hong Kong! I would like to go there. I want to walk around and see all of that fun, good, shopping madness that you see on TV – where there are all those booths set up. I also love looking at houses. I always like to tell my driver to take me to see some of the cool houses in all the places I go to. House-looking. I like stuff like that. I’d like to go to a really cool restaurant there to get really good Chinese cuisine.

Q: Are there any souvenirs you’ve taken home from a trip that you cherish?
A: In Japan they have really cool candies, actually, that I really love. They started bringing them over here [to America]. They’re called Hi-Chews. They have really good flavor. I’ve started to see that same candy being sold here but a few years after I saw it in Japan.

Q: Are they gummies?
A: They’re chewy -- like Starbursts candies.

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