Tech Tuesday: Quarterly Roundup of the Best Travel Apps for Windows Phone

by  Darren Murph | May 28, 2013
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As May concludes and we collectively welcome summer with open arms, I'm wrapping up this quarter's refresh of app guides. In prior weeks, I dished out the latest programs for iPhone and Android to help travelers far and wide, and in this edition, I'll be providing recommendations for those of you who have recently switched to a Windows Phone.

FlightAware: When it comes to air travel, precisely one thing is certain: nothing is certain.

From weather-related cancellations to mechanical failures to air traffic delays, it's pretty tough to get from Point A to Point B without experiencing at least one hiccup. That said, FlightAware's free Windows Phone app can help you anticipate and react. You can easily track your upcoming flights, see if the inbound aircraft is on time, and even look at the track record of a given flight in order to see how it has fared over the past week. I'd argue that there's never enough data when it comes to sorting out your flights, and this app certainly delivers.

GateGuru: For weary air travelers, there are few things worse than showing up in a foreign airport and having no clue where anything is. Sure, you might get lucky and stumble upon someone who is willing to help, but why leave that to chance? The free GateGuru app is an ideal traveling companion, giving users detailed information about eateries, shops, and services across pretty much every airport in the world. It also supports trip imports from TripIt and Kayak, so if you manage your travels via either, you'll be able to easily scout out upcoming airports before you even land. You'll feel right at home once you get a lay of the land.

TripAdvisor: While this free app is available on rival platforms, the Windows Phone version is certainly the most beautiful. It's ideal for researching things to do on upcoming trips, giving you access to a multitude of reviews from users all across the globe. Things like restaurants, attractions, and lodging venues are all listed and sorted by location, and you can create lists in order to pin your favorites for easy viewing later. Plus, you can contribute to the cause by leaving reviews of your own right from the app once you've experienced a place.

Our prior recommendations for Android can be found here, while recommendations for iPhone can be found here.

What are your favorite Windows Phone travel apps?

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