South Australian Wine Country

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South Australian Wine Country Money-Saving Tips

Divine Wines

Nothing compares with tasting wine straight from the vineyard – especially the wines from the limited edition, boutique wineries that are rarely seen on shop shelves. Fortunately, one of Australia’s best wine regions is within easy reach of Adelaide, making adding a wine tour to your itinerary simple.

Hopping Hazards

Kangaroo Island is so populated with its namesake marsupial that anybody renting a car on the island is asked to sign a waiver warning of the possible damage should they come into contact with one.

Fly or Drive?

You can fly from Adelaide to Kangaroo Island, but you may want to keep the rental car instead, and make the scenic drive (approximately 100 miles) from Barossa to the dock in Cape Jervis, where you can drive onto a ferry for the 10-mile crossing to Kangaroo Island.

Quickest Route to the Vineyards

To reach Barossa Valley, follow scenic route A10 to Adelaide Hills, a region just 30 minutes out of the city and well regarded for its sauvignon blanc and chardonnay.

Hotel Deals

Most hotels and estates in the wine country offer great package deals on accommodations if you stay mid-week, or if you extend your stay over a long weekend.

Pack a Picnic to Save on Lunch

Though overshadowed by the region’s wine industry, produce is also considered top-notch in South Australia. Fill a basket with a selection of the scrumptious goodies (pates, cheeses, olives, fresh breads, dried fruits, and more) on offer from local markets like Maggie Beer’s Farm Shop. Then find a shady spot by the water, spread out your blanket, and spend a lazy afternoon grazing.

Reservations at Wineries

If you have your heart set on a particular winery, be sure to make a reservation. While most wineries are open to everyone between 10am and 4:30pm, a few wineries limit guests to create a more intimate experience. So it’s always best to call ahead to avoid disappointment.


You might find it surprising, but Australia has a long history of viticulture. In fact, Australia’s first vineyard was established on the site where Sydney’s Royal Botanic Gardens now resides – after Captain Arthur Phillip brought cuttings from European vines with him on the First Fleet (the 11 British ships that helped establish Australia’s first European colony) in 1788.

The Grapevine

Australia is the fourth-largest wine exporter in the world, and the 16th ranking wine-drinking country, with 5.8 gallons quaffed per person per year.

Monopolize This

Edging out some of the country’s most iconic landmarks, The Barossa Valley has taken the top spot on an Australian version of the board game Monopoly.

Barossa Vintage Festival

The bi-annual Barossa Vintage Festival is the largest and longest running wine festival in Australia. The weeklong festival, beginning on Easter Saturday, offers visitors the opportunity for some offbeat entertainment, like treading grapes, spotting scarecrows, hunting for mushrooms, and watching a colorful street parade.

Time Zones

Australia encompasses three different time zones: Eastern Standard Time (EST), Central Standard Time (CST), and Western Standard Time (WST). South Australia operates on CST, which is 30 minutes behind EST. Also, from the end of October to the end of May, South Australia runs on Daylight Savings time, when clocks are advanced forward one hour.

Drive on the Left

You might find it a little confusing at first, but unlike the U.S., drivers keep to the left side of the road in Australia.

Seasonal Savings

You’ll find great hotel deals, sunny and bright days (with average temperatures in the high 60s and low 70s) and crisp and clear nights (with average temperatures in the low 50s) in fall and spring.

Consider a Hostel Stay

Hostels are the best, least expensive housing options almost everywhere you go, and an increasing number offer free breakfast. If you're staying a while in one place, speak with the manager about cleaning for your room - you'll clean house for a few hours in exchange for free boarding.

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