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Amazon Money-Saving Tips

Get a Yellow Fever Shot

Check with the CDC before traveling to the Amazon; yellow fever is a risk in certain parts of the Amazon so CDC recommends the yellow fever vaccine for travelers 9 months of age or older to these areas.

Try the Local Cuisine

With its indigenous influences, Amazonian fare is Brazil’s most unique cuisine. Street vendors in many cities sell tacacá, a spicy soup made with tapioca, dried shrimp, small yellow peppers, and tucupí sauce. Regional fish, like tambaquí and pirarucu, are prepared in several ways, and the pirarucu -- nicknamed the codfish of the Amazon -- is good as a grilled fillet. Another specialty is a duck stew called “pato no tucupi.” 

Wear Proper Clothing

Even though it’s hot, long pants and (occasionally) long-sleeve shirts are recommended on jungle hikes due to bugs. A good pair of boots is also advised. Some locals prefer cheap rubber fishing boots to expensive hiking boots. Sunglasses and hats are also useful.

Pack Protection

Don’t forget the insect repellent and sunscreen.

Be Careful What You Bring Back

It is illegal to take live animals, and many products made from animals, outside the country. You can help protect endangered species by reporting anyone who offers to sell you such items to the Brazilian Network to Combat the Trafficking of Wild Animals: (

Visiting Indigenous Peoples?

Permits must be obtained by the Bureau of Indigenous Affairs (FUNAI) to visit indigenous reservations. FUNAI is It is the only government department in the world which is dedicated to the protection of indigenous peoples who have little or no contact with national society and other tribes. 

Hire Reputable Tour Guides

While the arrival area of the airport is full of tour guides who will offer to show you around, hire only guides through reputable Brazilian or international companies.

Responsible Travel

If you're interested in preserving the rainforest, start by giving your travel business to tour operators that act responsibly. The Global Sustainable Tourism Council has compiled a list of responsible travel companies (

Parintins Ox Festival

The second largest festival in Brazil, the Parintins Folklore Festival, takes place for three days at the end of June. Two rival groups compete for the favor of judges in a marathon pageant based on a myth transplanted from the Brazilian Northeast about the death and reincarnation of an ox. Thousands of people converge on Parintins (city of 100,000) for the event. 

Ornamental Fish Festival (Barcelos, Amazonas)

The Barcelos Festival of Ornamental Fish, AKA Festival do Peixe Ornamental de Barcelos, was established in 1994 to highlight the products of the area, most specifically ornamental (i.e., aquarium) fish, which is an important source of local income. The festival is typically held in late January or early February. 

Círio de Nazaré (Belém, Pará)

Falling on the second Sunday of October, this festival is reputed to be the world’s biggest Catholic celebration. Millions of people flood the streets of the Pará state capital for a procession to honor Our Lady of Nazareth. 


Pororoca are fresh-water, long-running tidal waves that are attracting increasing numbers of surfers. The tidal phenomenon is best observed on biannual equinoxes September and March. 

Bring Your Check Card

Cashing a traveler’s check is difficult and costly in Brazil. You’ll get the best exchange rate withdrawing cash from an ATM. Be sure to break large bills whenever possible as small shops and restaurants can't often make change.

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