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Brazil is home to some of the world’s finest beaches. Choose a stretch of sand according to your interests: whether you want to see a performance of capoeira at sunset, catch a wave, or simply work on your tan in peace. No matter where you put down your beach blanket, you’ll see a colorful selection of Brazil’s famously tiny swimsuits.

Brazil Beaches


Those who really want to leave it all behind shouldn’t miss this all-natural beach town where no one uses electricity or cars. Pick an isolated spot on the sand or turn to boat trips and trail rides for old-fashioned entertainment.

Northeast, 110 miles south of Porto Seguro, (Portuguese only)
Tags: beach | family | cruise | outdoors | horseback riding

Ilha do Mel

This island near the southern port of Paranaguá fills to capacity during the summer, but during the rest of the year it’s a relaxed destination for oceanfront walks, sunning, and swimming. Only experienced surfers should attempt to surf these often-powerful waves.

South, off the Coast of Paranaguá,
Tags: beach | family | surfing | island

Ilha Grande

This secluded southeastern island features stunning beaches and hiking trails winding through thick rainforest. Come for peace and quiet, and bring your own provisions – the unspoiled Ilha Grande contains no sizeable towns.

Southeast, off the Coast of Rio de Janeiro,
Tags: beach | family | hiking | island | rainforest


"Tall and tan and young and lovely." So goes "The Girl from Ipanema", the famous ode to the bathing beauties (or garotas) who lounge and strut on this stunning stretch of prime beach-trip sand in Rio de Janeiro. Even four decades after the song's debut, trendsetting bikinis still set the standard here (who can forget the oh-so memorable dental-floss version?) and the eye candy remains second to none. The 2-mile stretch of golden sand is no slouch either, as it's edged by a groovy mosaic boardwalk and anchored by twin mountain peaks at its western end. On the sand itself, a mix of capoeira dancers, volleyball games, soccer, and scantily clad "Cariocas" (locals) command attention. The surrounding neighborhood also brims with hip restaurants, clubs, and shops; beach bums can take aprés-sun strolls along Rua Vinícius de Moraes, a popular avenue offering a stylish spread of bars and eateries, including the most famous of all, the Bar Garota de Ipanema, where the eponymous song was penned.

Tags: beach | family | surfing | nightlife | water sports | trendy

Porto Seguro

Drink and dance alongside Bahians and watch the graceful capoeiristas do their thing in Porto Seguro, a resort town in the northeast. The lambada was born here; today, beachfront clubs attract a young Brazilian set.

Northeast, 441 miles south of Salvador,
Tags: beach | nightlife | trendy

Praia do Forte

Quiet and ecologically friendly, this region outside of Salvador boasts white sandy beaches, an old fortress, and a sea turtle center. The nearby Cachoeira is a worthwhile stop, culturally speaking, because of the strong African influence.

Northeast, 50 miles north of Salvador,
Tags: beach | outdoors | history | wildlife


If you like to fish, you’ll love the shrimp-filled waters off the coast of this relaxed beach town, an easy getaway from the crowds of Rio de Janeiro. The gorgeous coastal stretch called Praia Itaúna is a surfers’ haven.

Southeast, 90 miles north of Rio de Janeiro,
Tags: beach | surfing | fishing

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