São Paulo

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São Paulo Money-Saving Tips

Visa Requirements

Visas are required for entry into Brazil and must be purchased beforehand at the Brazilian embassy (cost: about $100). You will need to submit passport photos and copies of your return ticket. Processing time is about one week.


Take the same precautions here that you would in any major city. Only use ATMs during the day or in well-populated areas and avoid walking around at night. If driving, keep doors locked and be attentive at red lights (car-jackings are prevalent).


Taxi cabs are plentiful and cheap. Although you can hail one on the street, it’s easiest to locate one at designated pontos de taxi stops (these can usually be found near shopping malls, parks and large intersections).

Traffic Jam

If you need to travel any distance, try to schedule appointments for mid-morning and mid-afternoon. Rush hour extends to about 10 a.m. and begins again around 5 p.m. Leave extra time to get to important meetings.

Local Flavor

If you want to enjoy cuisine like the locals do, don’t plan dinner too early. Brazilians don’t eat until around 9pm.


Check the sports pages of the local newspapers to see when and where games will be played during your stay. To get last-minute tickets enlist the help of a hotel concierge or a business associate.

City Tour by Subway

The Metrô, São Paulo’s subway, serves many of the city’s most attractive and culturally rich districts. It runs until midnight on the weekdays and 1am on the weekends, though it’s preferable to take cabs after dark. Single ride tickets are only R$3.

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