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It’s all about timing. To avoid crowds and inflated prices, we recommend the period between high and low seasons when the weather is fine, places are still open and happy to welcome travelers, and you can explore a destination at your own pace. ShermansTravel experts call this magical time and space continuum the Sweet Spot.

When to go to Ecuador

Peak Season

High season varies dramatically depending on where in the country you are going and usually coincides with the dry months. In Quito and the highlands, the driest months of summer (June through August) and the holiday-packed month of December see the most visitors. Although it is rainy year-round in the Amazon Basin, the months of August and October through early December are relatively dry. The Galapagos Islands experience the most visitors between November and April and July and August (ironically, the wet season from January to April is also when there is the most sun and the best snorkeling). The coast is overrun with visitors from June to August.

Off Season

Low season typically occurs during the rainiest, coldest months. Steer clear of the coast between December and May when the rain and humidity overtake the region. Similarly, the Amazon Basin is best avoided during the heavy rains that take place from late December to April. Quito and the highlands are the quietest between January and April when locals flock to the beaches. The Galapagos Islands see less traffic between the colder months of May and September to October.

Sweet Spot

In between the worst of the rainy season and the crowds of the dry season, you’ll find reasonable weather and great deals. In Quito and highlands this occurs in May and between September and November. Along the coast, this is in April and from September to November. The sweet spot in the Galagagos is from May to June; in the Amazon Basin it’s in September and from May to July.

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