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The top shopping destination on Santorini is undoubtedly the capital, Thira, where you’ll find a labyrinth of narrow pedestrian streets lined with jewelry shops, the best of which sell handcrafted gold and silver pieces. Wine is also a good buy on the island – Santorini produces some of Greece’s best white wines.

Shopping in Santorini

Arktos Gallery

This small gallery stocks tasteful, hand-crafted objects made from colored glass – including lamps, plates, miniature houses, and miniature boats. The shop’s clerks will wrap them carefully to ensure they survive the journey home.

Overlooking the caldera, Santorini, 011-30-22860-28858,
Tags: shopping | souvenirs

Galatea's Pottery Studio

Galatea Papageorgiou, a young Greek potter who moved to Santorini in 2002, opened this studio in 2003. She creates beautiful handmade plates and platters, bowls, mugs and cups, vases, tiles and even lampshades, painted in warm oranges, yellows, blues, and turquoises, as well as white pieces decorated with black designs.

near Kamari, Santorini, 011-30-22860-82461,
Tags: shopping | home | pottery


Koukla stocks beautiful, funky jewelry crafted by young Greek designers. Earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets feature bold-colored semi-precious stones. You’ll find it in a whitewashed building in the Fabrika shopping complex.

Fabrika shopping complex, next to Metropolis, Santorini, 011-30-22860-28326,
Tags: shopping | jewelry


Designed and produced by master jewelers at the internationally renowned Lalaounis workshop in Athens, the 18- and 22-carat gold pieces on sale here are inspired by ancient Greek jewelry and created using traditional techniques such as granulation and filigree. Lalaounis also has stores in New York, Paris, Geneva, and Zurich.

Overlooking the caldera, next to Metropolis, Santorini, 011-30-22860-25844,
Tags: shopping | expensive | jewelry

Mati Art Gallery

Founded in 1989 by the Greek-Cypriot sculptor Yorgos Kypris and the art group Studio 71, the Mati Art Gallery displays contemporary sculpture, paintings and installations, as opposed to the touristy kitsch found in many of Thira’s shops.

Overlooking the caldera, Santorini, 011-30-22860-23814,
Tags: shopping | expensive | gallery

Santo Winery

Santorini’s volcanic soils support rich vineyards. Because of the strong winds, the vines are woven into a basket shape, with the grapes protected inside. Santorini’s largest producer, Santo Wines, near Pyrgos, overlooks the caldera and offers guided tours of the cellars, wine tasting, and bottles for sale.

3.7 miles outside of Thira, Santorini, 011-30-22860-28058,
Tags: shopping | wine

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