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ShermansTravel experts rely on years of collective travel experience to bring you the best money-saving tips for your vacation. We take a discerning look at all the attraction passes, public transportation options, and other local bargains to make sure you get the most bang for your buck while traveling.

Tel Aviv Money-Saving Tips


Most Israelis speak English, although it’s be helpful to use the Hebrew words slee-cha (excuse me) and toda (thank you) whenever possible. 

Arrive Early at the Airport

Be sure to arrive early for your return flight at Ben Gurion International Airport, both for the endless security checks and to shop its impressive Duty Free boutiques.


Safety and security remain major concerns for travelers visiting Israel. While the threat of terrorists or frankly, war, remains real and present, attacks have decreased markedly over the past few years and continue to abate. While it’s impossible to predict a terror incident, travelers can practice extra caution by avoiding large city-center bus stations or crowded open-air markets. But for those opting to enjoy such venues – and they are worth visiting – the risk of actual harm remains remote.

Just to Be Safe

Register with the American embassy prior to your arrival. It’s always good to be aware of the current security situation before your visit.


The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a very touchy subject always discussed passionately. Exercise judgment and try to keep strong opinions to yourself.


Israelis are notoriously rude when it comes to waiting in lines. Don’t be afraid to speak up if you see people pushing their way past you. Being assertive here is completely acceptable.


Navigating Israeli streets can be complicated at best. Rules are often chucked aside and can be extremely frustrating to Western drivers. If possible, avoid getting behind the wheel in the city center.


Unlike many international destinations, there are literally hundreds of free Wi-Fi hot spots throughout Tel Aviv. Log on for nothing at most cafés, including branches of popular chains such as Arcaffe and Aroma Café. The entire Tel Aviv Port is also equipped with free Wi-Fi.

Traveling with Toddlers

Parents looking for constructive, educational activities for their little ones can pop into Dyada, Tel Aviv's premiere activity center for babies and toddlers. While most of the classes require pre-registration, the gymboree sessions are open to all.

Take a Free Tour

The Tel Aviv Association for Tourism offers a series of free tours through important historical districts including the White City and Neve Tzedek. Tours are available in French or English.

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