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Dead Sea Money-Saving Tips

Sunny warning

Even during the cold winter when it may seem a distant threat, the sun in Jordan is intense. Wear sunscreen and drinks lots of water.


Americans need visas to enter Jordan. You can purchase them at most ports of entry (excepting King Hussein’s/Allenby Bridge) but make sure your passport is valid for six months upon arrival.

Dress modestly

Although summer months are scorching in Jordan, women should lean on dressing conservatively, particularly in city centers, where they will not be received well in shorts. Only in hotels and on hikes are shorts acceptable.


Taxis are the best way around Amman. Yellow ones will take you to the destination of your choice, while white-colored ones (servees in Arabic) take preset routes.


Be extremely sensitive to regional struggles when traveling here and steer clear of the part of Jordan that is near the Iraq border.

Ramadan travel

The holy month of Ramadan is a difficult time to travel in Jordan – not only do regional tourists swarm hotels, but eating, drinking, and smoking in public is illegal during the day. Exact dates of the Islamic holiday vary from year to year (dates follow the Muslim lunar calendar as opposed to the western Gregorian calendar) – in 2008 it occurs throughout the month of September; in 2009 it takes place from August 21st to September 19th.

Be alert

Be aware of your surroundings when visiting crowded public places as there have been terrorist attacks here in the past.


Although Arabic is the official language in Jordan, English is widely spoken and understood, especially among the upper classes.


A visit to Jordan is not complete without sampling this creamy signature chickpea dish with freshly baked pita. Ask a local for his/her favorite spot for an authentic hummus experience.

Roman Army and Chariot Experience

A simulated Roman Army reenacts a battle and chariot competition twice a day in the Jerash hippodrome.

Amman International Theatre Festival

For eight days each April artists from around the Middle East and Europe gather in Amman to perform and partake in a variety of workshops.

Dead Sea Ultra Marathon

Beginning 2,953 feet above sea level in Amman, and ending 1,312 feet below sea level in the Dead Sea, this is one of the world’s most grueling marathons. Watch the runners finish against the picturesque backdrop.

Candlelit Petra

Meet at the Petra Visitor’s Center at 8:30 p.m. for a tour down a candle-lit path to the center of the ancient city.

Amman’s Circles

Amman is built on seven hills. You’ll notice locals will refer to the city in terms of circles.


In 1966, the late King Hussein founded Jordan’s Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature (RSCN). As a result, many of the country’s nature reserves and wildlife have been preserved, enabling visitors to experience vast amounts of this country’s natural environments.

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