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ShermansTravel experts rely on years of collective travel experience to bring you the best money-saving tips for your vacation. We take a discerning look at all the attraction passes, public transportation options, and other local bargains to make sure you get the most bang for your buck while traveling.

Riga Money-Saving Tips

Guide books

Although Latvia is rapidly opening up to the West, it’s still a good idea to pack a phrase-book as most people speak minimal English.

Wrap up

Winter is brutal – bring an insulated coat and a pair of shoes with serious tread in preparation for chilly wind, below freezing temperatures, and icy streets.

Book cabs

To avoid being fleeced by greedy drivers, book your cab from your hotel and agree upfront on a price (or insist on having the meter turned on). A five to seven minute journey should cost around $6.

Local poison

Latvian rye and sourdough breads should be sampled, as should a dose of Latvian vodka accompanied by sardines. Another must: Black Balzams – a fruit-based liqueur that is an age-old hangover cure and additive to cocktails.

Amber around

Amber is abundant in Riga and bargains are common – especially outside of Old Town – but beware of imitations. The real McCoy is hard to the touch. Another test: ask the storekeeper to place the article in lukewarm water: plastic imitations sink, amber floats.

Bring ID

Since the collapse of the USSR, Riga has exploded with new casinos. Unless you fancy a flutter, don’t forget to take your passport – it’s not uncommon to be asked for identification.

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