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ShermansTravel experts rely on years of collective travel experience to bring you the best money-saving tips for your vacation. We take a discerning look at all the attraction passes, public transportation options, and other local bargains to make sure you get the most bang for your buck while traveling.

Mozambique Money-Saving Tips

Necessary Documents

Get your Mozambique visa at the airport on arrival or, even better, in advance at the embassy. As the 2010 World Cup (to be held in South Africa) nears, watch for the new “Univisa,” allowing entry to Mozambique, South Africa, and other neighboring countries.

Yellow fever vaccination

If you’re arriving in Mozambique from Tanzania or areas prone to yellow-fever, you’re required to show proof of yellow fever vaccination.

Don't get bitten

Tropical temperatures mean tropical, malaria-carrying mosquitoes. Most hotels have nets – sleep under them, and be sure they’re pulled closed. No nets? Turn on the a/c to minimize bites. Before traveling, arrange anti-malarial medication with your doctor.

Officious officials

Most visitors avoid brushes with officialdom, but it’s best to be prepared. Carry a photocopy of your passport (including visa pages), and hand this over if requested, rather than the originals.

Fast cash

Although major cities have ATMs, most work only with Visa cards and require a maximum withdrawal of US$110 per transaction. Bring cash (U.S. dollars) plus travelers checks (changeable in major cities only) as standbys.

Beaches and barhopping

The beaches are mesmerizing, but keep your wits about you. Don’t walk or jog away from main hotel areas, and don’t carry valuables. In cities, take taxis at night, and avoid isolated areas.

Fala Portugês?

English is spoken at upscale hotels and resorts, but you’ll need basic Portuguese phrases elsewhere. Learning greetings in the local African languages will make your travels even more fun.

Arrival and departure fees

A US$2 arrival fee is collected at land and air entry points. There’s a US$20 departure fee for regional and intercontinental flights. Pay it when leaving with exact change in US dollars or local currency.

Travel well

Mozambique’s peace has held since the 1992 peace accords ended years of fighting. However, rebuilding is ongoing, unemployment is high, and wages are low. Tourism is helping, but be street savvy and keep your eyes open to the surrounding realities for safer and more rewarding travels. Check the latest travel advisories for more.

Art scene

Mozambique’s art scene is spearheaded by the venerable Malangatanga, whose paintings have long enjoyed international acclaim. Start exploring in Maputo at Núcleo de Arte (194 Rua da Argélia., the National Museum of Art (1233 Avenida Ho Chi Min) or the Saturday morning craft market (Praça 25 de Junho).

Watching out for the wildlife

Wildlife populations are on the rebound, although vast, densely vegetated terrain means they’re often hard to spot. Niassa Reserve (, Gorongosa Park ( and Limpopo Park ( are the focal points of activity.

Café culture

Among the lovelier legacies of the Portuguese are the sidewalk cafes lining the streets of major towns – ideal spots for enjoying a bolo (cake) and espresso while watching the passing scene.

Mozambican cuisine

Mozambique is renowned for its prawns and enormous crayfish. Locals spice things up with piri-piri, but there are subtler flavorings as well, including coconut milk, peanut sauce, and creamy curries.

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