The 10 Best Caribbean Cruises

by  Dana McMahan | Jul 28, 2016

The Caribbean lures travelers to its sun-kissed, palm-lined beaches year-round, and a cruise is a simple way to cover a lot of sandy ground with ease. Book your cruise fare and plane ticket, throw some swimsuits, sunscreen, and flip-flops in a suitcase, and off you go, ready to drink rum-laced frozen concoctions topped with paper umbrellas and feel the cool sand squish beneath your toes. Sun worshippers who want to explore the Caribbean's assortment of sandy shorelines, enjoying the variety as well as the opportunity to taste test beaches for future vacations, will find that a cruise serves their needs perfectly. After all, since the area has few internal regional flights, there's no easier way to see the highlights of the Caribbean in one easy to plan, efficient holiday. However, for travelers looking to lie on a beach from dusk to dawn, a cruise may not actually be your best choice. After all, a resort allows you the flexibility to wake up whenever you like, head toward the surf as soon as you like, and stay until the sun sets behind the horizon in a fiery blaze. On a Caribbean cruise, however, you must head back to the ship before she sets sail for the next destination. A cruise is just not about maximum time on the sand. That said, once the ship sails you can still stay in your bikini and sun hat uniform for the rest of the day, maximizing the rays on the pool deck as a calypso band entertains you.

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