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Tucked away in the middle of North Africa, due south of Italy, Tunisia – about the size of Florida at 96,536 square miles – is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea to the north and east, the Kroumirie Mountains and Algeria to the west, the sandy, blazingly hot Sahara to the south, and the deserts of Libya to the southeast.

Tunisia Cities and Regions


Tunisia's capital is both a modern metropolis, its handsome avenues lined with French-era buildings, and an ancient walled city, with impressive gates, graceful archways, narrow alleyways and colorful markets.

Mediterranean Coast

Tunisia's coast moves from mountainous and wild in the northwest to sandy and friendly in the southwest. There aren't any coconut palms - but the resorts are both luxurious and reasonably priced.

Sahara Desert

Southern Tunisia is covered by the Sahara, a vast, almost roadless, expanse of sand dunes, date palms, salt lakes, and oasis towns like Douz where the average temperature rises above 100°F in summer.

Northern Tunisia's Roman & Carthaginian Sites

Ancient Carthage (near present-day Tunis) and Rome fought for power and wealth in a series of dramatic wars. See the legacy of both civilizations at these well-preserved archaeological sites: Bulla Regia, Dougga, Oudhna (Uthina), Sbeitla (Sufeitula) and Utica.


The medieval medina (walled city) of Kairouan – Sunni Islam’s fourth holiest city – is a maze of pedestrian-only alleys, historic mosques (including the mostly-9th-century Great Mosque), and bustling markets.


Graced with two dozen mosques, Sousse's old city also has an old roofed souq (bazaar), an ancient kasbah (citadel) and an imposing ribat (fortified Muslim monastery) with a tall watchtower. The beach is nearby.

Kroumirie Mountains

Arrayed along the northern tip of Tunisia's border with Algeria, these mountains are covered with cork oak forests and shelter the rare Barbary deer. In winter, they’re high enough to receive snow.

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