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Venezuela Cities and Regions


The country’s sprawling, sweltering capital (the birthplace of Simon Bolivar) is comprised of fashionable suburbs and crumbling shantytowns interspersed with 500-year-old cathedrals.

Caribbean Coast

Venezuela’s coast is made up of thousands of miles of empty, palm-fringed sands, including the beaches of Choroni, Cuyagua, and the Bahia de Cata.

The Amazon & La Gran Sabana

These little explored southern and eastern regions hold some of the greatest natural wonders on the continent: Angel Falls, Canaima National Park, and the Orinoco Delta. See our guide to the Amazon.

The Llanos

Caimans, capybaras, and cowboys dominate these vast, wild plains in the country’s western frontier.


The Snow-capped, 16,400-foot Andean peaks center around funicular-strung Mérida, Venezuela’s adventure sports capital and a bustling University town.

Los Roques

Less than 100 miles off the coast, this archipelago of coral cays is a year-round paradise, known for its hammock-friendly beaches and waters rich with marine life.

Isla de Margarita

Rum-soaked (especially during Carnaval) Isla de Margarita is a beach and shopping haven 24 miles from the mainland.

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