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Enjoy a Turkey Day getaway at these 10 Thanksgiving vacation destinations
Enjoy a Turkey Day getaway at these 10 Thanksgiving vacation destinations
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Top 10 Thanksgiving Vacation Destinations

Bring your family along for the fun at these top Thanksgiving vacation destinations

By ShermansTravel Editorial Staff


Updated on April 22nd, 2013

We’ve come up with a cornucopia of travel ideas focused on great Thanksgiving vacation destinations. Sure, we cover the obvious – after all, no list would be complete without a nod to the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade or the site of the 1620 Pilgrim landing – but we also favor less traditional destinations, from lush islands and beach spots to desert landscapes and ski slopes. Plus, with fares so discounted to Europe at this time of year, we'd be remiss not to pick at least one European capital; our preferred city is known for its terrific beer and French fries, although you'll be hard-pressed to find football on television (American football, that is). We've even recommended a jaunt on the high seas, since we figure there's no better tribute to the adventerous spirit of the Pilgrim pioneers than by making your own transatlantic trek. So bring your family along for the fun and enjoy the best of Thanksgiving!

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