SkyMall Tuesday: Carlashes

by  Mike Barish | Jun 26, 2012
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As much as we love hanging out at SkyMall Tuesday headquarters, we do occasionally venture out on vacation. In particular, we love road trips. However, after spending hours in our car and traversing hundreds of miles, we start to get sick of every inch of our vehicle. We hate the leather seats that get so hot in the sun. We curse the touchscreen radio controls that are impossible to use while we're driving. And we shake our fist at the glove compartment that has never once held a single pair of gloves (or a single glove, for that matter). If only it was possible to personalize our vehicles in a way that kept them fresh, drew envious looks from other motorists, and didn't involve antlers. Thankfully, SkyMall understands that our cars need style. Just like you need to stay in shape and looking good to maintain your partner's interest, your car must always be wooing you. That's why you and your car need Carlashes.

In the overlapping section of the Venn diagram of cosmetology and aftermarket automotive customization, you will find Carlashes. They make us long for the days of flip-up headlights, just so that we could bat our eyes at oncoming traffic. How could you ever get sick of your car when it had stunning lashes that were the envy of supermodels and sedans alike?

Think that cars need eyelashes as much as people need mud flaps? Believe that putting the emphasis on looks will only lead to automotive anorexia? Well, while you try to find the inner beauty of the Pontiac Aztec, we'll be reading the product description:

These 8-1/2"-long lashes securely affix with a double-stick adhesive (provided) that won't damage your paint job; if anything, they'll ensure that your car is turning heads everywhere you go.

Optional eyeliner strips add additional sparkle.

I think that we can all agree that the eyeliner is far from optional. Everyone needs that.

Rather than get sick of looking at your car, spruce it up with a makeover. It beats have any affair with some cheap rental.

Not convinced? Just listen to these satisfied (and completely sane) Carlashes enthusiasts.

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